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The ACU duty uniform is worn during in-processing at Fort Buchanan.

In-processing Requirements:
  • Three copies of orders and any amendments
  • Three copies of DA Form 31, Request and Authority for Leave Form. Blocks 14&15 signed
  • Dependents travel itinerary
  • Marriage and/or divorce decree and birth certificates for children
  • Lodging receipts from departing station (if any) If stayed off post bring SNA
  • Child Support Documentation (Court Orders, Separation Agreements, etc.)
  • DA Form 788 (POV Inspection sheet)
  • TPU to AGR (Accessions) Need to bring their Long Distance Packet
  • Proper military uniform (Monday-Friday 0800-1100)

Permissive TDY (House Hunting): Permissive TDY (house hunting) must be approved by the losing command prior to arrival at Fort Buchanan. For those with pre-approved permissive TDY, report to the Housing Services Office to have your DA Form 31 stamped with the date of arrival to begin your 10 day house hunting. Soldiers without pre-approved permissive TDY from their losing command must complete in-processing to their gaining unit at Fort Buchanan and then request permissive TDY through their new commander. PDTY must be sign by an O5

Fort Buchanan Out-processing Guidance

The ACU duty uniform is worn during out-processing at Fort Buchanan.
  • Two copies of orders and any amendments
  • Two copies DA Form 31, Request and Authority for Leave
  • DD2367 to stop OHA
  • Termination of quarters( If living on Post)
  • DD2560 (Regular Pay Advance) 30 days prior to PCS
  • Travel Pay Advance Dislocation Allowance (DLA) 30 day prior to PCS
  • Proper military uniform (Monday-Friday all day)

For all customer service inquiries, Soldiers E-6 and below must go through their unit admin /S1 prior to reporting to the finance office. Pay inquiries must be signed by commanders, first sergeants, or unit admin representatives.
Soldiers E-7 and above can walk-in to the finance office.

USAR Guidance for Reserve Finance Section

Army Reserve Soldiers reporting for ADSW, AT or ADT:

Contact the USAR section FST Ft. Buchanan Office at 787-707-3072 for additional guidance if your unit is not located on Ft Buchanan. You will, at a minimum, need to go through the Finance Office at Bldg 399 Chrisman R. Suite 100. Customer service hours are M-F 0730-1600 Please call for more information.

Documents required for USAR Soldiers<
  • Marriage and/or divorce decree and Dependant Birth Certificates
  • OHA /BAH paperwork (Mortgage/Lease Agreements) and DD Form 2367
  • Child Support Documentation (Court Orders, Separation Agreements, etc.)
  • DA Form 4187 for COLA

Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers (Individuals and Units) reporting for Mobilization or Demobilization:

Upon receiving mobilization or demobilization orders, soldiers will report to the Ft Buchanan Soldiers Readiness Processing Center (SRPC), 354 Wilson Rd, Ft Buchanan, PR 00934. Their commercial number is 787-707-4201 The SRPC will process, provide support, validate, deploy and re-deploy Reserve and National Guard units and individuals.

Reserve Pay Issues:

All reservists (TPU) on AD tours other than mobilized; don't forget to submit USAR Form 25-R, Individuals Active Duty Certificate of Performance, every thirty (30) days, and at the end of tour. IAW USARC PAM 37-1, If certificate is not received at this office ten (10) days after the established (end date of orders) date; collection action of all entitlements will be initiated. Pay will not be released until certificate and letter of lateness justification by the SM OIC is received at this office.

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