Welcome to Fort Buchanan

            Traffic signs, although international by design, are in Spanish:

            pare — stop
            ceda — yield
            cuidado — caution
            salida — exit, both as in a parking lot exit and an exit ramp from a highway
            solo — only, as in the word solo with a left-pointing arrow would mean left turn only
            transito (on a sign with an arrow) — usually means one-way, and sometimes indicates bi-directional traffic flow
            peaje — toll
            autopista — toll road
            norte — north
            sur — south
            este — east
            oeste — west
            hacia — toward, as in Hacia 66 would mean Toward Route 66
            interseción — junction, often abbreviated INT, so INT 3 would mean junction with Route 3
            estacióne — parking
            no estacióne — no parking, also a big E with a slash through it means no parking
            calle — street
            carratera — road
            carril izquierda — left lane
            carril derecho — right lane


How to get to Fort Buchanan from the airport:    

Important notice, a 100% ID card is required at the Fort Buchanan gate.