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Rodriguez Army Health Clinic is an appointment based managed care medical facility that serves the active duty military population in Puerto Rico.

Rodriguez Army Health Clinic

Rodriguez Army Health Clinic Important Information

Rodriguez Army Health Clinic (RACH) is now accepting TRICARE Prime enrollment for ages 5 and up for Active Duty Family Members (ADFM). Come to us for your Primary Care needs.

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Provide timely and reliable healthcare while maintaining Soldier readiness and wellness in support of the Force, Military Families and those entrusted to our care to meet the demands of our Nation around the world.

Optimize the health of our Nation by providing world class service and be the first choice in healthcare for our patients.

Leadership, Infrastructure, Customer Focus

Access to care

To make an appointment with your Primary Care Manager, Please login to TRICARE ONLINE.

If already registered you can make an appointment by communicating with your healthcare team virtually through SECURE MESSAGING.

You may also make an appointment by calling our clinic at (787) 707-4393.

Outpatient Care

Outpatient medical care is provided by appointment for active duty from Monday through Friday from 0630 - 1600 hours with the exception of the last Friday of every month when we are available from 0630-1130.

After Hours Care: Call the International SOS Call Center at 1-877-451-8659 for urgent care. For emergency care go to the nearest emergency room.

In case of an emergency: go to the nearest emergency room. After the emergency, as soon as possible, notify the International SOS Call Center at 1-877-451-8659. Active duty service members enrolled to the Rodriguez Army Health Clinic must call the Health Benefits Advisor at 1-787-707-4052 / 4053 during working hours (Monday - Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) to report the medical emergency to the primary care manager (PCM).

Inpatient or Hospital Care

Inpatient (Hospital) care for active duty personnel is available at San Juan Veterans Administration Hospital (VAH) with a referral from the Primary Care Manager at the Health Clinic. Active duty who do not have a referral to a separate facility may be held completely liable for all healthcare costs.

Patient Centered Medical Home


The PCMH is a team-based model, led by a physician, which provides continuous, accessible, family-centered, comprehensive, compassionate and culturally-sensitive health care in order to achieve the best outcomes. The model is based on the concept that the best healthcare has a strong primary care (PC) foundation with quality and resource efficiency incentives. The PCMH is a departure from previous, traditional healthcare models because it focuses on the “whole person” concept, preventive care and early intervention and management of health problems rather than on high-volume, episodic, over-specialized and inefficient care. A PCMH practice is responsible for all of a patient’s healthcare needs and for coordinating/integrating specialty healthcare and other professional services.


Army Medicine Secure Messaging Service, Relay Health, improves continuity, coordination, and comprehensiveness of care. Build a Coalition between you and your Provider. Already Registered?

To learn how to use Secure Messaging, Relay Health click HERE(Secure Messaging Video)

If not registered please email Mr Ruben Rivera at ruben.rivera-ortega.civ@mail.mil or click HERE


General roles and responsibilities are similar across all Services.
PC Provider
Each enrolled patient will be assigned to a specific provider who will be responsible for the patient's care coordination and oversight. The provider will address medical issues in a compassionate, comprehensive, and integrative manner utilizing a team approach. The provider will ensure that wellness and medical reconciliation needs are addressed by the health care team and will monitor care coordination, as necessary. The provider will utilize evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines and engage patients actively in their health care, ensuring that self-management instructions are given at all appropriate opportunities.
Team Nurse (Registered Nurse (RN)
The Team Nurse (RN) is an instrumental resource in providing continuity of care within our clinic environment. The RN serves as the care manager for assigned patients to coordinate care and other necessary services to meet the needs of the patient, as determined by the patient’s PC provider. The RN also provides necessary leadership and fulfills an educator role in the clinic. These leadership responsibilities include, but are not limited to, supervision of the ancillary nursing and support staff in their daily activities and professional development; and ensure team members maximize their training and competencies. The RN will also collaborate with the Case Management (CM) and Disease Management (DM) staff on chronic health care services.
Ancillary Nursing Support The ancillary nursing staff, to include Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants provides invaluable support to the PCMH Team. They will assist in provider support activities related to patient care, patient education, documentation of chronic medical conditions, documentation of preventive services, medication reconciliation, and coordination of patient check-out and follow-up. They will receive direct guidance and supervision by both the nurse and provider.
Independent Pharmacy Services
Pharmacy staff, to include pharmacists trained to provide medication therapy management (MTM) services for PCMH patients with complex drug regimens or who otherwise need assistance with managing their drug regimen. These services are independent of dispensing activities and those services provided by privileged pharmacists who render care in pharmacy-run clinics. The MTM pharmacist will work directly with the patient and other PCMH team members to optimize the patients‟ pharmacotherapy care.
Clerical Staff
The clerical staff includes medical clerks and others who provide administrative support of clinic activities, front desk operations, telephone management, and records management. They are vital members of the team. They facilitate patient check-in, verification of Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) eligibility and collection of other health insurance information. In addition, they assist patients in navigating the health care system to include: supporting clinic team management of population health, coordinating and/or scheduling acute and chronic care, arranging follow-up, coordinating specialty referrals, and telephone/ secure patient messaging.
Behavioral Health Provider
The behavioral health provider helps meet the mental health needs of the enrolled population as part of improving their overall health. The intent is to provide ready access for both patient care and provider consultation in meeting the holistic needs of patients. Goals include improved early recognition, treatment, and management of psychosocial/behavioral problems and conditions. Services will be integrated into the PCMH clinic to provide necessary consultative services and training to other members of the health care team. Patients may need to be referred to specialty mental health care, as appropriate.
Nurse Educator, Health Educator, or Disease Manager
The nurse educator, health educator, or Disease Manager will assist the PC team to encourage healthy lifestyles and wellness by educating patients about behaviors that can prevent or mitigate diseases, injuries, and other health problems. They provide a ready source of patient support and education immediately available to the team and patients. Services they provide include (based on their level of experience and certification): education regarding chronic conditions and patient self-management, training patients and caregivers on medical devices, assisting patients to set/attain behavior-change goals, nutrition education and counseling in support of command nutritionists or dieticians, education on medication management based on physician-directed protocols, and access to health care and community resources.
Clinic Manager
Duties will include but are not limited to tracking access, tracking provider availability, managing appointment templates/availability, overseeing clerical staff, managing telephone calls and consults, tracking performance, Defense Medical Human Resources System – internet (DHMRSi) submissions, and making recommendations to improve clinic efficiency and effectiveness in meeting patient needs. The clinic manager will also review patient satisfaction submissions to identify and recommend improvement opportunities. The clinic manager will ensure completion of necessary forms for third party collections and will track these for the clinic.
PCMH teams will use the following appointment types:
Acute: Acute or ACUT appointment types are for patients to be seen within 24 hours.
Routine: Routine appointments are for patients to be seen within 7 days.
Established: Established or EST appointments are for patients that the provider specifies for follow up.
Wellness: Wellness or WELL appointment types will only be used for patient wellness visits and provision of preventive services. WELL appointments are to be seen within 28 days.
Telecon: Telephone assessment, education and counseling may be effectively used by the health care team. All interactions should be documented in AHLTA and coded appropriately. Nurse telephone encounters regarding symptom based calls should include documentation of the decision support tool and protocol used and be reviewed by a provider within 24 hours. Nurses utilizing telehealth encounters should abide by appropriate national standards and service-specific requirements.
Group Appointments: Group appointments can be used as appropriate to meet the needs of the facility. Group appointments can be effective in DM efforts, as the group setting allows the staff to provide education in an efficient manner, while providing a support network for the client.



Provides two part physical examinations, Flight Physical and over 40 cardiovascular screening for active duty soldiers and full time Active Guard or Reserve soldiers. Part one consists of lab procedures, hearing test, x-ray, etc. Part one is conducted on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursday morning by appointment. Likewise, part two is the actual physician's examination done by appointment only. Physical Exams are available by appointment only. For information on procedures, counseling or conferences call 707-2584. Please call 707-4393 for appointments.


Monday through Friday from 1300 - 1530, with the exception of the last Friday of every month when we close for training. Our immunization clinic operates on a walk-in basis, but appointments are encouraged. To make an appointment in the immunization clinic please contact the appointment line at (787) 707-4393.

Pharmacy Services

Operating hours are from 0700-1600, Monday through Friday, with the exception of the last Friday of every month when we operate from 0700-1130. Prescriptions should be presented within six months of the date written except narcotics and other controlled drugs, which must be presented within 48 hours. Under no circumstances will civilian prescriptions be countersigned or written by the Rodriguez Army Health Clinic providers. Prescriptions originally filled at a civilian pharmacy cannot be refilled at the Rodriguez Army Health Clinic nor will a generic equivalent be substituted for a brand name drug on civilian prescriptions without prior approval of the physician writing the prescription. For a copy of the formulary showing all the medications we stock click HERE or pick up a copy from the pharmacy. Patient’s ID card is required to pick up a prescription. For any questions about the pharmacy services you can call 787 707-2052 and select option 3 to speak to a pharmacy personnel.

Methods to obtain pharmaceuticals

New Prescriptions:

1. Patient must bring the prescription to the pharmacy. The patient’s ID is required

2. Mail Order Registration Form


1. Prescription Refills

2. Audiocare Call in -- 787 707-2052

 Tricare Mail Order Program (English Video)

Tricare Mail Order Program (English)

 Tricare Mail Order Program (Spanish Video)

El Programa de Envio de Medicamentos por Correo de TRICARE (Spanish)

Managed Care

Managed Care Section:

Managed Care offers these services: Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinators (BCAC), Debt Collection Assistance Officers (DCAO), Utilization Management/Case Management (UM/CM) Nurse Services and Patient Representative Services. Personnel are available and eager to provide the assistance and information you need regarding your Health Care Benefits. Personnel can identify resources available to you in our Military Treatment Facility and the island of Puerto Rico through the TRICARE Overseas Program.

Referral Management Center (RMC) - Soldiers enrolled in TRICARE Prime will be assigned a Primary Care Manager (PCM). When requesting an appointment, always ask for your PCM! You will receive the medical services needed and, if medically necessary, your PCM can generate a referral to a Specialist for additional services. Follow up in approximately 2 days with International SOS (215-942-8393) to receive the authorization for the referred specialist services. You can provide your email address to the ISOS Call Center and they will forward the Authorization documents to your email. Your authorization will have the name, phone and address of the TRICARE Network provider you have been referred to. Call the provider and make your appointment at a convenient time.

Once you receive the medical services from a Network provider, it is very important that you ask for the medical documentation or ask the Specialist to send the documentation to your PCM. Bringing back your medical documents to your PCM is important in order to close out the episode of care for which you were referred out to a Specialist and also helps to keep your Medical Record up to date.

Hours of operation are 0730 - 1530 hrs. Contact us at (787) 707-4052/4053.

Patient Rep/APLSS ICE Manager
DSN 740

Welcome to TRICARE Overseas Program in Puerto Rico!

Our Military Treatment Facility, Rodriguez Army Health Clinic, provides services to our Active Duty Service Members, Reservists and National Guard members. International SOS is the Managed Care Support Contractor that administers the program for the Active Duty Family Members, Retirees and their family members. To contact International SOS for services in Puerto Rico please use the following link: TRICARE OVERSEAS-INTERNATIONAL SOS CONTACT then click on Puerto Rico

TRICARE Referral Facilities

VA Hospital and Centro Medico Maps
Clinica Las Americas Guaynabo Map
Hima San Pablo Hospital Bayamon Map

Tricare Links:

To make an appointment or to register, click this link TRICARE ONLINE
To learn more about the TRICARE Overseas Program click this link TRICARE OVERSEAS

Patient Administration

Patient Administration provides the following services: Medical Records, Exceptional Family Member Program, Correspondence and Release of Information.

Medical Records:

The Medical Records'Section maintains the outpatient records for active duty personnel who receive care at Rodriguez Army Health Clinic (RAHC). Medical records are the property of the US Government and are subject to the controls prescribed by law and regulations for government documents(AR 40-3, Chapter 4, Paragraph 30). Individuals' health records will remain in custody of the medical treatment facility where he/she receives health care. Personnel whose Medical Records are maintained elsewhere must bring their respective records to RAHC when reporting for appointments

Exceptional Family Member Program:

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory Department of the ARMY Command Program IAW AR 608-75, April 2011. The EFMP, working in concert with other military and civilian agencies, is designed to provide a comprehensive, coordinated and multi-agency approach for medical, educational, community support, housing, and personnel services to exceptional family members (EFM). The purpose of the EFMP is to ensure that the special needs, medical or educational for the EFM are available in the projected area of assignment prior to permanent change of station. Upon notification of Permanent Change of station please contact the EFM Case Coordinator/Special Needs Advisor to be briefed of EFMP procedures for enrollment or update.

Contact the EFMP Case Coordinator/Special Needs at (787)707-4393/2555 during the following hours:
Mon-Fri 0700-1530 and the last Friday of every month from 0700-1100


Rodriguez Army Health Clinic
21 Chrisman Rd
Fort Buchanan PR 00934

Military Health Privacy Practices:

1. Notice of Privacy Practices (English)
2. Notice of Privacy Practices (Spanish)

RAHC Information Trifold:

Rodriguez Army Health Clinic Trifold

Patient Representative

Patient Representative:

The Patient Representative is available to assist patients with comments, compliments and complaints. The Patient Representative can provide documents to assist the individual in correcting the problem while ensuring we have documented the situation to provide continuous quality improvement. Call 787 707-2973 for assistance.



The laboratory can perform or obtain most standard laboratory test procedures ordered by the physician. Laboratory tests are collected from 0630-1500hrs, Monday through Friday with the exception of the last Friday of every month when the laboratory operates from 0630-1100. The Laboratory staff can be reached at (787) 707-2578.

HIV Screening:

HIV Screening Section: The HIV Coordinator is available to provide counseling and testing procedures to eligible beneficiaries. HIV coordinator is available for walk in visits from Monday to Friday from 0630 - 1100. For information on procedures, counseling or conferences call (787) 707-2584.

VA Laboratory:

The Veterans Administration laboratory collects laboratory test procedures Monday through Friday from 0630-1000hrs. You are required to have an appointment from the VA to have these laboratory tests.

Occupational Clinic

Provides federal civilian and military personnel with occupational physical examinations (periodic health monitoring, fitness for duty, etc.) and general medical treatment for on the job injuries or accidents. Call (787) 707-2175 for appointments. Federal civilian employees in TDY status will be provided occupational health services on the same basis as those employees assigned to this installation

Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine Services is responsible for the promotion of health, and the prevention or reduction of disease for the Fort Buchanan community. A component of force health protection, preventive medicine is the anticipation, prediction, identification, surveillance, evaluation, prevention, and control of disease and injuries.

Preventive Services include:

(1) Communicable diseases.

(2) Vector, food, air and waterborne diseases.

(3) Occupational Environmental Hazard-related diseases and injuries.

(4) Disease and non-battle injuries (DNBIs).

(5) Training injuries.

Phone Number : (787) 707-2577

Behavioral Health

Welcome to Army Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Services are offered on an outpatient basis from 0700 until 1630 Monday through Friday except on the last Friday of every month when services are offered from 0700-1200. Our multidisciplinary behavioral health team includes a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker and behavioral health nurse who work in an integrated fashion with other providers to provide and ensure continuity of behavioral health services. Services include psychiatric evaluations, psychological evaluations, medication management, and individual psychotherapies. Referrals are usually originated by health professionals and military personnel but self-referrals are also welcome. To make an appointment please contact our front desk at (787) 707-4393. Whether you are seeking help for depression, anxiety, a failing relationship, emotional effects of a medical illness or life change, or an addictive disorder, RAHC’s team of behavioral health specialists may help you sort through your pain and confusion.

If you have an emergency after duty hours, including weekend and holidays, please contact the National Suicide Help Line at 1-800-273-8255, VA Hospital 787 641-7582, First Panamerican Hospital 1-800-981-1218 or San Juan Capestrano at 787 760-0222 for help.

Educational and Developmental Intervention Services

The Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) is an early intervention program that provides developmental screenings and evaluations to children from birth through 36 months of age that may be presenting or that are at risk, due to confirmed medical diagnosis, of presenting delays in their development. The EDIS team, comprised of an Early Childhood Special Educator, Pediatric Occupational Therapist and a Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologist provides services free of charge, in the child's natural environment (family’s home, day care center or where the family and child spends time). Services are offered in English or Spanish, Island-wide. EDIS is located in Buildings 1140 & 1141 Chrisman Road, Coconut Grove, Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico.

For Information on EDIS call:

Office: (787) 707-2167
Fax: (787) 707-2159
DSN: 740

For more information about Educational and Developmental Intervention Services click HERE.

Family Advocacy Program

The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) works to prevent abuse by offering programs to put a stop to domestic abuse before it starts. When abuse does occur, the FAP works to ensure the safety of victims and helps military families overcome the effects of violence and change destructive behavior patterns. FAP staff members are trained to respond to incidents of abuse and neglect, support victims, and offer prevention and treatment. The following information will give you a better understanding of the FAP and how it supports families and the military mission. For more information call (787) 707-4393.

Integrated Disability Evaluation System

What is Integrated Disability Evaluation System?

Integrated Disability Evaluation System is a disability process that integrates the resources of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to evaluate both referred and claimed medical conditions.

The process is intended to quickly deliver to you a finding regarding your fitness for continued military service and if determined to be unfit, to provide you with a single sourced disability rating prepared by the Department of Veteran's Affairs.

Legal assistance is available throughout the IDES process. The Soldier's MEB Counsel(SMEBC) for the program is located at FT Stewart, GA.

IDES Office:

Located at 21 Chrisman Road Bldg 21

Phone: Office(787)707-2111, Cell(787)600-3468, Fax(787)707-2949

Integrated Disability Evaluation System Process Chart

Important Numbers

     Appointment Line
     RAHC Information Line     787-707-4392
     Family Advocacy     787-707-2574
     Pharmacy     787-707-2052
     Physicals     787-707-2584
     Patient Representative     787-707-2043
     Health Benefit Advisors     787-707-4052/ 4053
     TRICARE Service Center     787-707-2534/ 2536/ 2972/ 2665
     International SOS     215-942-8393
     Pharmacy Mail Order     877-363-1303

Hearing Impaired          1-877-540-6261

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