The PAIO mission is to focus on the Garrison delivering equitable services; promoting business transformation, monitoring performance results; vertical and horizontal integration for Garrison efforts, overseeing Garrison force structure, and coordinating stationing actions, strategic initiatives, concept development, and steering the Garrison strategy in meeting current and future needs.

The Plans, Analysis and Integration Office is responsible for gathering and analyzing data for higher headquarters, tracking the implementation of higher headquarters policies and overseeing long-range plans. The PAIO consists of two divisions, the Analysis and Integration Division and the Strategic Planning Division.

Installation Status Report (ISR)

1. Installation Status Report Services and Cost

The purpose of ISR–S and ISR–S (SBC) is to evaluate the cost and quality of service delivery performance for base support services provided at each Army base. These components assess cost, quantity, and quality of services provided to organizations and individuals associated with Army bases. ISR–Services and ISR–Services Cost are used in the Standard Service Costing model to calculate cost estimating relationships (CER) that are used in the Base Operations Support Requirements Model (BRM) to program base operations funding.

2. Installation Status Report Infrastructure

The ISR Infrastructure is designed to give base commanders and staff a summary-level evaluation of the mission, quality and quantity ratings, and the costs to maintain, improve or replace those portions of a Base’s infrastructure that are reported by ISR.

Visibility at the facility level of detail allows headquarters to view information to make decisions about funding, Military Construction projects (MILCON) and stationing actions.

3. Installation Status Report Natural Infrastructure

ISR-NI is designed to provide leaders at all levels (base and HQDA) with a decision support tool that links performance indicators to Mission Support, Sustainability and Environmental Quality programs. ISR-NI is an objective analysis of a reporting organization’s ability to support mission requirements based on the availability and quality of air, water, land, and energy resources. The data will provide the information necessary to assist in identifying deficiencies in environmental programs, planning for resources, and improving mission readiness status and environmental compliance.