The Plans, Analysis and Integration Office is responsible for gathering and analyzing data for higher headquarters, tracking the implementation of higher headquarters policies and overseeing long-range plans. The PAIO consists of two divisions, the Analysis and Integration Division and the Strategic Planning Division.

Planning, Analysis and Integration functions

Strategic Analysis and Installation Strategic Plan (ISP)

Strategic planning and integration is the process by which managers envision their organization’s future and develop the necessary procedures and operations to achieve that vision. It is a continuous and systematic effort to determine and meet the future needs of customers. It focuses and aligns all efforts within an organization on core competencies, key strategies, and actions that must be taken to achieve success. This ability to focus and align all organizational processes toward a common end is the most powerful element of the strategic plan. More...

Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP)

Army Stationing requires planning, studying, coordinating and authorization. Army Regulation 5-10, outlines the steps needed. The Army strategic planning process (ASPP) provides the senior Army leadership’s strategic vision and POM functional area long-range goals of 10 to 20 years. Stationing timelines plan major construction for 5 years out and actions requiring no MILCON should have a minimum of 12 months. All feasible alternatives need to be studied using the staff-study methodology. Reporting and staffing are covered in AR 5-10 along with special BRAC directives.

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) and Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

Lean Six Sigma - is two business initiatives. Lean refers to performing a process in the quickest, most efficient manner. Actions such as reducing warehousing expenses, using procurement consolidation to reduce expenses, and things that have a cost savings. Six Sigma refers to the able to produce a quality product. Cost savings come from elimination of product rework and profit from customer loyality . For more information call (787) 707-2207/2747.

Army Communities of Excellence (ACOE)

The ACOE program is an Army-wide annual award competition that recognizes excellence at installations/communities by assessing all components and dimensions of installation management consistent with the tenants outlined in AR 5-1, Total Army Quality Management.

Based on the Malcom Baldrige criteria for performance excellence , the ACOE program helps participating Army installations focus on providing excellence in facilities, services, and program support to Soldiers and their Families.


Common Levels of Support (CLS)

Common Levels of Support (CLS) is a decision process that enables uniform delivery of the Army's highest priority installation services, within available funds. The CLS process is based on a comprehensive understanding of the Army's Base Operations Support (BASEOPS) services, standards, and costs.

Installation Status Report (ISR)

The Installation Status Report includes 4 main areas.
  • Services
  • Cost
  • Infrastructure
  • Natural Infrastructure


IMCOM Top 10

1. Empower the Senior Commander and Garrison Commander.

2. Prioritize and deliver programs and services to achieve greatest positive impacts for Soldiers, Families, Civilians. Measure what is important.

3. Operate as a team of teams through ongoing, open collaboration with ARSTAF, ACOMs, ASCCs, and Senior Commanders.

4. Enhance Soldier and Family resilience through critical programs (Sponsorship, SHARP, ASAP, Transition, CYSS/CDC, EFMP, SFAC, ACAP, ACES, Suicide Prevention, and Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness).

5. Provide care and comfort to support Survivors and Wounded Warriors.

6. Develop the IMCOM workforce and build the bench through talent management; have the Army’s best 3 star headquarters staff.

7. Operate efficiently and effectively, within fiscal constraints, through a reshaped organization and optimized infrastructure in order to meet Mission Commander requirements – move toward Army Installation 2020.

8. Maintain the environment and reduce energy demand and costs to meet Army-directed goals.

9. Run the Enterprise – integrate Installation Services in accordance with Army standards, in support of Senior Commanders.

10.Demonstrate Inspired Leadership and world-class customer service.

Army Challenge Award (ACA), previously the Army Suggestion Program (ASP)

Army Suggestion Program – ASP is a program that encourages good ideas with cash awards. Military and civilian employees are eligible for awards and others are welcome to submit ideas but may not receive monetary compensation. The ASP has been automated and is a web-based application. This has simplified the submission and the evaluation. Suggestions can apply to any aspect of Department of Defense operations.

AR 5-17 covers the process and the link is provided as well as the web link to the ASP software. For more information call (787) 707-2207/2747.

Customer Management Service (CMS) and Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) is an automated means to capture feedback on various installation services. All of the ICE standard questions are designed to provide insight on the overall customer satisfaction by rating the customer's total experience.

The results from the questionnarie are used to track ratings in order to help find areas that need improvement. In addition, good suggestions that are submitted are frequently acted upon. The overall satisfaction also determines whether or not a service provider manager receives a satisfied or dissatisfied comment card submission from ICE.

ICE is accessible through many ICE kiosks scattered around the installation, and online through various Fort Buchanan websites. The ICE system will be monitored daily to ensure customers requesting a reply will receive their response within 3 working days.

Let your voice be heard - put it on ICE!


Other PAIO functions:

Standard Garrison Organization (SGO)

Installation Management Campaign Plan (IMCP)

Strategic Management System (SMS)

Garrison Self Assessment

Performance Management Review (PMR)

Installation Planning Board (IPB)