Fort Buchanan Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) is a congressionally mandated program committed to providing support and assistance to eligible families in their effort to help their child (ren) with developmental delays or disabilities achieve functional independence.

Developmental screenings and assessments.
Family training, counseling, and home visits.
Education to day care and home care providers.
Assistive technology devices and services.
Referral to audiology and psychology services.
Coordination of services.

Speech-Language Pathologist
Early Childhood Special Educator
Occupational and Physical Therapists

All services are provided on a voluntary basis and at no direct cost to the family.
Our staff is fully bilingual.

Where are services provided?

Services have a basis of partnership between the family and an EDIS primary family provider, where education and support is provided so the family can meet their child’s special needs in their natural environment.

Services are offered in places where the child spends most of his/her day, which include visits to the home and/or daycare. Fort Buchanan EDIS program provides services to eligible families who reside within the commuting area of the DODEA-PR Fort Buchanan or Ramey schools.

Who is eligible to EDIS?

The ARMY EDIS provides early intervention services to military and Department of Defense (DoD) civilian families who:

 a)  Have a child who is less than 3 years of age and has developmental delay, or a medical condition that places the child at       high risk for developmental delay, and

 b)  Sponsor is active duty military with orders that assign him/her to Puerto Rico, or

 c)  Family is Command-sponsored to be in Puerto Rico, while the military member is assigned to an unaccompanied tour or to       a conflict zone, or

 d)  DoD civilians that live on a military installation that is served by DoD schools.

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