The DPTMS function is to serve as the staff proponent for crisis management operations, reserve training support operations, mobilization, force protection, and security policies and procedures for the installation. We operate the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and provide command and control for the installation. Our duty is to serve our Soldiers, Families, and Civilians in the utmost professional and efficient manner.

DPTMS is divided into 3 divisions covering 7 functions:

  • Operations, Plans, Mobilization and Emergency Management

  • Training and Visual Information

  • Security


 • Provide direction, guidance, advice and assistance to all command elements and tenant activities on the    development of crisis management plans in accordance with the Command and higher headquarters    policies, programs, and procedures.
 • Assist the Command Group in the formulation of command guidance and instructions in the areas of crisis    management; civil defense, major disaster, civil disturbance, mobilization planning, continuity of    operations, and Anti-Terrorism.
 • Recommends new concepts, objective, requirements, policies and or programs to improve mobilization    and deployment planning and coordinates anti/terrorism/force protection and emergency preparedness    planning within Fort Buchanan.
 • Reviews, exercises, implements and executes crisis response plans.
 • Develops, coordinates, review, analyzes and maintain, disseminates planning data as required.


 • Synchronize BASOPS.
 • Support Synchronize and coordinate support to DA activities in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.
 • Responsible for Installation Management Crisis Response Plans.
 • Manage the Anti Terrorism program Under FORSCOM, DPTMS has the responsibility of mobilizing RC    units from PR & USVI.
 • Provide Military Support to Civil Authorities Crowd Control (Civil Disturbances).
 • Operations personnel also support/assist installation tenant planning initiatives; serve as tasking agent    for the Garrison Commander.
 • Establish and operate the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during all crises; serve as the command    and control center for emergency operations.
 • Manage the Command Inspection Program.
 • Execute stationing and force development for the AOI.
 • Serve as the primary point of contact for coordinating BASOPS for active duty and RC units.
 • Synchronize support for major events/activities held on post, including military ceremonies and special    community events.
 • We also plan and conduct exercises: HURREX / AT/FP / MOBEX / Positive Force / Optimal Focus / Call    Forward / STARCEX  and Local MOBEX with RC units

Antiterrorism & Force Protection

 • We establish an Anti Terrorism program and synchronize the Installation Plan with all other    tenants/installations in the AOR.
 • Collect, analyze, and disseminate threat information.
 • Assess and reduce critical vulnerabilities- This includes different types of assessments like: vulnerability,    risk and threat assessments. The oversight will imply overall responsibility of all Army Reserve/National    Guard installations within the AOR.
 • Increase AT Awareness in every soldier civilian and family member within the AOR-includes briefings,    conferences, training and media awareness  • Maintain installation defenses IAW FPCON.
 • Establish civil/military partnership for WMD crisis-Will also include liaison with Law Enforcement Agencies.
 • Terrorist Threat Incident response planning.
 • Conduct exercises, evaluate and assess AT Plans on a yearly basis.

Training/Devices Branch

 • Manage the Civilian Training Program Plan of Action.
 • Manage ATRRS/CHRTAS programs.
 • Manage Installation Training Ammunition Program.
 • Manage Installation Training Areas.
 • Provide classroom service support to all Active and Reserve Component units as well as Federal    government agencies and tenant organizations.
 • Provide training support, training related products and services to all Active and Reserve Component    units as well as Federal government agencies and tenant organizations.
 • We support Garrison headquarters during contingencies in the EOC.
 • We warehouse, issue and maintain training devices such as: Small Arms/Artillery Simulators, Weapons    (Plastic/Mockups)' Engineer Training Bridges, Medical Training Equipment, Infantry Devices    (MILES),Weaponeer, Firearms Training System (FATS).
 • Multipurpose Arcade Combat Simulator (MACS), Precision Gunnery Training Systems (TOW, Dragon,    Stinger Troop Proficiency Trainer) Weapons Simulation and Simulators, Chemical Training Devices,    Ordnance Training Devices, Quartermaster Training Devices, Games, USA Mines/Grenades and    Opposing Forces Equipment.
 • We provide Hands on Training for Equipment and Devices.


 • We establish and operate the Mobilizing Unit Reception and In-Processing Center.
 • Coordinate and execute power projection and power support platform responsibilities.
 • Analyze RC units Readiness Reports and edit/submit during wartime; assist RC units in Mobilization and    deployment exercises.
 • Monitor and assist units in the execution of Mobilization Plans.
 • Conduct MS coordination meetings with RC Commanders; maintain liaison with RC Commands.
 • Represent the Garrison at FORSCOM, IMCOM and First Army on mobilization matters.


 • Provide personnel security (PERSEC) administrative support and security clearance processing for all    unit/organizations installation-wide, as requested.
 • Provide guidance, advice, assistance, and oversight for the information security program for garrison    activities and oversight for all tenant units and activities upon request.
 • Provide continuous security awareness education and training for Garrison activities and tenants as    required.
 • Execute industrial security "user agency" management and oversight responsibilities for classified    contracts as neeeded.

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