The LRC Buchanan synchronizes logistics and delivers sustainment support to enable readiness of a globally-deployable force within its area of operation.

LRC Buchanan is the premier provider of consistent, quality logistics support, a “Face to the Field” in supported organizations’ mission accomplishment to materially enhance readiness.

To provide a safe and secure environment for all Logistics Readiness Center employees through proactive planning, relevant logistics capabilities and timely response.

  • Promote optimization of logistics support
  • Serve as the force multiplier for logistical readiness
  • Focal point for logistics services at home station


Provide Installation Maintenance Support to FT. Buchanan United States Army Garrison TDA, DPW Non-Installed and General Purpose Equipment, to include NTV. Support USAG Staff on Technical assistance. Execute Maintenance Support during MOB/ POST MOB of Units.


Plan, coordinate, and provide supply support for all classes of supply (except Class VIII)-(Medical). Assist supported customers in all technical matters pertaining to Supply and Services.

     Supply Support Branches:

     Supply Support Activity
     Central Receiving Point
     Fuel Point
     (787) 707-3560/3584
     Chief, S/SD
     (787) 707-3970


Chief PPSO - (787)707-4003

Outbound Section:  (787)707-4005/4004

This section provides support to all service components, as well as the US Coast Guard assigned to Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, including outbound documentation services for Central and South America for movement of member's personal property. Services include acquisition of transportation, storage, delivery, local moves and related services within our area of responsibility.

Inbound Section:  (787)707-3587

Provides services for shipments arriving to Fort Buchanan area of responsibility. Newly arriving personnel who shipped property to the area should contact the Inbound Section immediately upon their arrival to advise whether they are ready for delivery of the shipment when it arrives or if short-term storage is required. Delivery of property cannot be made without contact with the service member or the service member's designated agent first. Property will be place in short-term storage automatically if customer cannot be contacted upon the arrival of his/her HHG.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control:  (787)707-3892/3921

Monitors services provided by commercial carriers, agents, and contractors for the packing, loading, and shipment of personnel property. Quality Control performs inspections at residences and warehouse facilities and evaluates performance based on inspections findings and customer feedback. Quality Control initiates punitive action against contractors for non-conformance of services. Personnel within this section are in direct contact with customers and the contractors during each workday.

Travel Section:  (787)707-3731/3544

This office coordinates for the movement of individuals and groups conducting official travel by means of a commercial carrier.

In addition this section provides Official Passport and Visa services for Active Duty personnel, dependents, DoD Civilians and Reserve Components when required for their official travel.

Unit Movement Section:  (787)707-3358

The Unit Movement Section is the single point of contact between the installation, the deploying units, and other commercial agencies for overall deployment transportation support. It is responsible to review, validate and ensure each supported unit Organizational Equipment List (OEL) and Unit Deployment List (UDL) are submitted to FORSCOM. They also assist the unit on the Unit Movement Plan preparation. This office also coordinates for the movement of groups conducting official travel by means of commercial and military conveyances, (i.e. Bus, Commercial and Military Aircraft).

Freight Section:  (787)707-3893

The Freight Section arranges and coordinates shipment of freight of all kinds via commercial carriers (inland, ocean, and air). Provides expertise and guidance for identification, shipment and storage of hazardous cargo.

TRANSPORTATION MOTOR POOL:  (787) 707-3848/3255

FAX:(787) 707-3750 Building 504(Annex)

The Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) provides non-tactical vehicle (NTV) support for local transportation requirements. The TMP can provide various types of NTVs, such as sedans, vans (cargo and passenger).