Provide the Garrison Commander:
• With personnel and administrative expertise and support.
• Coordinate all personnel service support (PSS) matters.
• Serve as a focal point for personnel, administrative and Casualty Assistance operations.

To develop and retain the best leaders and most professional workforce to accomplish Army, IMCOM, and the USAG Fort Buchanan's objectives.

Casualty Assistance

The mission of the Fort Buchanan Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Office is to provide casualty, mortuary and bereavement support, guidance and services to Soldiers and their families as well as Casualty Assistance Centers (CAC), Casualty Assistance Officers (CAO), Summary Court Martial (SCM) charged with the care and disposition of remains and/or personal effects.

Services Offered: Benefits and Entitlements, Casualty Assistance, Casualty Assistance Officer Information, Funeral / Mortuary Affairs, Honors Program, Line of Duty, Notification, and Active Duty Overseas Burial/Honors.

For more information on the Military Honors Program please click the following link:

To request services please call us at (787) 707-3245/2987/3916 to make an appointment
Casualty On-call: (787) 370-3903/3908 or (787) 244-9142
FAX (787) 707-4515
  Mailing Address:
  Casualty & Mortuary Office
  Attn: CAC Chief, Bldg. 152
  Fort Buchanan, PR 00934


When reporting a death of a retiree, the following documents must be available before the visit:

• Death certificate indicating the cause of death
• Birth certificate of both spouses
• DD Form 214, showing the retirement date
• Marriage certificate (original)

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Transition Services

We provide technical support in the processing of all types of administrative separations and retirements for Soldiers on active duty.


Soldiers on active duty stationed in Puerto Rico or as directed by HQDA Separation Division are authorized to request separations services at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico.

Please call our office for an appointment at: (787) 707-3384/2984/3897

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Retirement Services

We provide personal in depth counseling and assistance to eligible active Army personnel, retirees, their dependents, or survivors and upon request to members of other Army activities or other services.

Please call our office for an appointment at: (787) 707-3958/3842/3897

For more information on Retirement Services please click the following link

Identification Card support

We provide identification card services for Soldiers, Retirees, Federal Civilian employees and Identification tags.

To scheduled an appointment click on the link below.
Please look for OCONUS and select Puerto Rico in order to make your appointment.
If you need assistance please call 707-3938

For more information on required documents please click the following link